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Publication summary :

 5 non-peer reviewed publications (ArXiv)
 25 submitted or written manuscripts
 35 meeting reports (>2007).
 241 peer reviewed : 187 research publications. 17 reviews. 34 chapters/comments/
 3 books published by Springer.
 2 Patents
 3 books in preparation.

Covered Fields : Data modeling, Computational methods, Biophysics, Neurobiology, Applied Mathematics, Stochastic Processes, Simulations of Cellular Processes, Multiscale Modeling, Signal processing, Large data statistics, Classification, Predictive Medicine.
 Modeling and applied math : Diffusion, Passage time analysis, Narrow Escape Theory, Statistical Biophysics, Extreme Statistics, Brownian simulations of sub-cellular processes, Computational Biology and Neurobiology, Electro-diffusion Theory, Phototransduction, Sub-cellular trafficking, trafficking in endoplasmic reticulum, diffusion on graphs
 Statistics of single particle trajectories : potential well theory in cell biology
 Computational Neurobiology : Voltage dye deconvolution, Burst-synchronization, Up-Down state dynamics, neuronal networks, Integrative Cellular and Molecular Biology, neuron-glia interaction, calcium signaling modeling.
 Computational medicine : EEG classification, anesthesia prediction, statistical medical classification, predictive methods for coma, tremor classification, intelligent dabases. Adaptative algorithms. Machine-learning classification algorithm.
 Asymptotic of Partial Differential Equations : Mathematical Neuroscience, conformal mapping. Nonlinear PDEs. Inverse problems.
 Data driven Sub-cellular modeling : Synaptic transmission, organelle interaction, ER reconstruction from trajectories, modeling ER trafficking, model of exit sites, function of dendritic spines, modeling ER-mitochondria interactions.
 Physical biology : physical virology, modeling early step of influenza and AAV infection.
 Modeling and Simulation of brain development : Construction of morphogenetic gradients, theory of neuronal migrations, triangulation of a source from diffusing fluxes, Machine-learning brain cells (micrglia, blood vessel,neuron) segmentations.
 Modeling and data analysis for nucleus organization : polymer models, chromatin reconstruction, HiC data analysis. Transcription factor search time, dsDNA breaks modeling and simulation. TAD analysis, curvature theory, analysis of single trajectories, theory of remodelers.


1- Floyrac, A. Doumergue, N. Kubis, D. Holcman, Outil prédictif de la sortie du coma des patients après arrêt cardio-respiratoire, 62/55/133PSL.
2- J. Cartailler, P. Parutto, D. Holcman, Outil de prediction de Burst suppresion a partir des onde alpha de l’EEG, PSL. VRéf. BV21011 - NRéf. B76977EP-D41727 SER : Patent (July 2021) « Automated EEG signal analysis and construction of a probability map to predict the sensitivity to genera anesthesia during induction to prevent over-sedation »

Wikipedia page contribution

1-The Narrow escape problem
2-Redundancy principle (in biology)
3-Hybrid Stochastic simulations
4-Active Network Flow
5-Single particle trajectories

List of publications

Published in ArXiv and MedArxiv and BioRxiv only.

4-J Reingruber, A Papale, D Holcman, Monitoring and predicting SARS-CoV-2 epidemic in France after deconfinement using a multiscale age-dependent rate model, medrxiv 2020,
3- D. Holcman N.Hoze, Z. Schuss, Analysis of single particle trajectories : when things go wrong, arXiv:1502.00286, 2015.
2- N.Hoze, D. Holcman, Potential wells for AMPA receptors organized in ring nanodomains, ArXiv q-bio > arXiv:1309.3436
1- D. Holcman, The Complexity of Synaptic Transmission Revealed by a Multiscale Analysis Approach From The Molecular to The Cellular Level, Correspondence, Quantitative Biology, arXiv:1202.2034v1, 2012

Books and Monographs
1- D. Holcman Z. Schuss Stochastic Narrow Escape in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Monographs, Springer 260 p 2015.

2- D. Holcman, Stochastic Processes, Multiscale Modeling, and Numerical Methods for Computational Cellular Biology (Springer), 2017.

3- D. Holcman, Z. Schuss, Asymptotics of Elliptic and Parabolic PDEs and their Applications in Statistical Physics, Computational Neuroscience, and Biophysics, Applied mathematics Series, Springer, 2018.

Book chapters and Commentaries, View points, Opinions
34- F. Paquin-Lefebvre, D. Holcman, Modeling ionic flow between small targets : insights from diffusion and electro-diffusion theory. arXiv
33- M. Dora, F. Paquin-Lefebvre, D. Holcman, Making sense of photoactivation data to analyse transport in the endoplasmic reticulum. bioRxiv
32- D. Holcman, Les nouvelles applications des mathématiques en biologie et en médecine, Magazine, La jaune et la rouge, N°782 Février 2023
31- L. Zonca E. Dossi N. Rouach D. Holcman, Segmentation methods and fast algorithms to extract repetitive motif of electrophysiological and calcium imaging time series (invited chapter, Springer, NeuroMethods)
30- Steindel, M., de Almeida, I. O., Strawbridge, S., Chernova, V., Holcman, D., Ponjavic, A., & Basu, S. (2022). Studying the Dynamics of Chromatin-Binding Proteins in Mammalian Cells Using Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy. Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, NJ), 2476, 209-247.
29- I. Sokolov, D. Holcman, Editors of a special series about extreme statistics in biology, Euro. Phys B 2022.
28- Wang, M. D., Nicodemi, M., Dekker, N. H., Gregor, T., Holcman, D., van Oijen, A. M., & Manley, S.. Physics meets biology : The joining of two forces to further our understanding of cellular function. Molecular Cell, 81(15), 3033-3037. (2021)
27- J Cartailler, J Reingruber, D. Holcman, Théorie du petit trou et ses applications en biologie—>archives-ouverte
26- D. Holcman, Qu’est-ce qui définit les temps courts et longs en biologie : une histoire de forme, de mouvement et de petits trous Archives-ouvertes
25- DS Grebenkov, D Holcman, R Metzler, Preface : new trends in first-passage methods and applications in the life sciences and engineering - Journal of Physics A : Mathematical and Theoretical, 2020
24- D. Holcman, Paris - Optimiser le transport des hommes et des marchandises, un bien-être pour tous,, Mediapart 2019
23- J. Cartailler D. Holcman, Electro-diffusion approach to map the voltage distribution in dendritic spines at a nanometer scale Neuron, comment 2019.
22- D. Holcman, Et si une recherche justement financée permettait de payer moins d’impôts ? Mediapart 2019,
21- D. Holcman R.Yuste, Reply to ‘Only negligible deviations from electroneutrality are expected in dendritic spines’, Nature Review Neuroscience, 2019.
20- K. Basnayake D. Holcman, Fastest among equals : a novel paradigm in biology Reply to comments : Redundancy principle and the role of extreme statistics in molecular and cellular biology, Physics of Life Reviews 2019.
19- D. Holcman, Big data et cerveau : la neurobiologie computationnelle, De nouveaux outils de modélisation pour la neurobiologie, 2018
18- A. Amitai D. Holcman, Methods for analyzing single particle trajectories in the nucleus, 2018.
17- C. Guerrier, D. Holcman, Calcium dynamics in nanodomains to trigger vesicular release at neuronal synapses revealed by computational modeling, Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2018.
16- A. Amitai D. Holcman,Analysis of Chromatin Dynamics and Search Processes in the Nucleus, in Modeling the 3D Conformation of Genomes, 177, 2019.
15- D. Holcman, Comment l’économie High Tech peut émerger sans refondre le système universitaire, mediapart 2018
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18- M. Lu P. Parutto D. Holcman, Reconstructing the ER organization from trajectories (pre-print).
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Publications published or in press


187- L. Zonca, G. Milior, F. Bellier. Rancillac. N. Rouach, D. Holcman, Coding paths from reconstructing glial and neuronal networks from calcium imaging, (pre-print).
186- C. Sun, I Constant, D holcman, EEG signatures at different concentrations of Propofol vs Sevoflurane, preprint.
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184-F. Paquin-Lefebvre, D. Holcman, Electrodiffusion between two channels (pre-print)
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