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Neurodevelopment meets Statistical Analysis, Deep Learning classification and algorithms

Microglia cell classification in human embryo : generated by T. Perochon and D.Holcman
— quote our reference for private or public usage "T. Perochon, Z. Krsnik, T. Lagache, D.A. Menassa D. Holcman, Spatiotemporal mapping of human microglia during brain development with advanced spatial statistics assisted by deep-learning, pre-print."


Legend fig.1 :Cell distributed in the Striatum, colored by cell types using deep learning classification.

Legend fig.2 :Variant of the previous image with convex hulls are obtained by an optimized version of the (DBSCAN) clustering algorithm.

Legend fig.3 :Variant of the previous image

Legend fig.4 : Cellpose analysis

Legend fig.5 : Cell distributed in the Striatum, colored by cell types and convex hull segmentations

Legend fig.6 :Spatial statistics based on levelset analysis

Legend fig.7 :Microglia automated segmentation using deeplearning with cellpose classification

Legend fig.8 :Magnification of Striatum with cellpose classification and deep learning classification

Legend fig.9 :Cell pose superimposed with our algorithm for microglia present in the Striatum