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Youtube Channel since 2009

Holcman’s Youtube Channel since 2009 contains

1-General discussion about science, mentoring Phd, Covid and improvement of science competitivity in France
This channel present youtube discussing general questions about science, how to find a PhD adviser and also the Covid situation based on our own analysis.

2-General discussion about applied mathematics, Interview with Schuss, Holcman’s groupscience and education
This series of youtube discusses applied math and interview with Pr. Zeev schuss about general topics around science.

3-Lectures in parameter estimations and models in Biophysics and computational biology
This series of youtube is about parameter estimation using stochastic processes, machine-learing based on single particle trajectories.

4-Lectures in stochastic processes, asymptotics of PDEs, stochastic simulations and computational biology
This a series of lectures about stochatic processes, diffusion equation, Fokker planck equations, MFPT, Narrow escapes,etc...for applied math, stat phys students.
5-Lectures in Nanophysiology : data analysis and simulations

These lectures explain how to analyse single particle trajectories data and produce simulations with Comsol to analyse nanostructure such as dendritic spines.

6- Short-Lectures given at U. of Cambridge, D. Holcman 2016
Presentation of classes (Master level) given at the Newton Institute during a semester in 2016.

7-Jazz Music for children
Presentation of few songs on classical jazz music, lyrics composed by children.