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April 2020 : Two articles—in french—about time scales in biology and modeling cell biological processes :

D. Holcman, "Qu’est-ce qui définit les temps courts et longs en biologie : une histoire de forme, de mouvement et de petits trous", Pre-print, 2020.

J. Cartailler, J. Reingruber and D. Holcman*, Théorie du petit trou et ses applications en biologie, Pre-print, 2020.

Is it true that funding more fairly research would lead to decreasing taxes ?
Article published in Mediapart.

Novel indicators to measure researcher’s productivity, leadership, efficiency, ability to supervise students,etc ...

-How to design optimal transport in Paris—> Article published in Mediapart

2020 : Alerting the scientist community of the misconduct of Lev S. Tsimring, Professor at UCSD, acting under the umbrella of a divisional editor at the PRL :

Pr Lev S. Tsimring wrote an inappropriate review, full of scientific mistakes and non-sense and wrong remarks, claiming that most of our "statements [in our manuscript] are likely to be wrong" to justify that it should not be sent for review, probably to delay publication due to a conflict of interest that he did not mentioned.

We explain in the text below why each argument is obviously wrong and we provide the link to anonymous reviewers of the Proceeding of the Royal Soc. B, where our article was publihsed, whom explains why our paper is novel and robust

see comments and our point-by-point answers here--->

 Link to

and the anonymous reviews

Reviewer 1 :

"This a very nice contribution representing a relatively detailed theoretical investigation of a model of transport in endoplasmic reticulum on a level of spatial network which takes into account the directionality of transport on edges. The work is in general accurately and carefully written (but still needs for careful proofreading), and I would recommend its publication. I only have minor notes, mostly editorial suggestions."

Reviewer 2 :

"One appealing virtue of the main result (packets) is that, prior to the modeling, it is not obvious that transport in the ER should be in packets, but following the statement of the model, it feels intuitively obvious. This is a virtue of some of the most valuable mathematical modeling in biology."

Conclusion : Pr Lev S. Tsimrings should probably resign from PRL, as he is cleary incapable to fullfill his mission honestly or he is just incompetent, as shown by our experience.

-Answer 2 to a fictional review-blog about electro-diffusion

-Answer 1 to a fictional review-blog about electro-diffusion

 Comment la nouvelle économie de haute technologie peut-elle émerger sans refondre le système universitaire et scolaire ? Dec 2017 :

 Interdsciplinary program : PhD 2014 : The new interdisciplinary science between Mathematics, Physics and Engineering for Biology requies a new organization.

 Research in progress (2008) : What Europena Research council (ERC) represents for us (researchers) ?

 Experimentalists meet theoreticians at the Weizmann Institute of Science (2007) : the need for a common language.

 What an ERC-SG represents for us (2008) : speech given at the occasion of ERC meeting at the College de France, Paris

 Need for a center in Computational Biology in Paris (2010) : description of a new direction of research and how it should be promoted.

 Manifesta for Computational biology (2005)