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Laurent Bourdieu

Cortical Dynamics and Coding Mechanisms

Our group studies neural networks dynamics underlying sensory coding, memory formation and representation of space. We address these questions using advanced optical methods that we improve continuously in terms of sensitivity, temporal resolution, depth penetration or adaptability to freely behaving animals.

We have recently studied the tactile information collected by the rodent whiskers and described how correlated deflections of several whiskers are encoded and mapped in the barrel field of the primary somato-sensory cortex (S1bf). We currently study the formation of expectancies during sensorimotor tasks in S1bf, the formation of memories during sound to reward associations in the primary auditory cortex (A1) and the dynamics of hippocampal networks during spatial exploration.

Recording optically the spiking activity of large cortical networks with cellular resolution is still a technical challenge. Key issues are the depth penetration, the temporal resolution and the sensitivity of the optical recordings. These limitations have led us to develop acousto-optic deflectors (AOD) scanning strategies for two-photon fluorescence microscopy (TPFM). We recently developed and new type of AOD-based microscope 3D AOD scanning with patterned illumination to record from hundreds of cells at a sampling rate larger than 100Hz in awake behaving mice. Finally, our group developed a new generation of fiberscope providing optical sectioning, cellular resolution and fast frame rate imaging for recording and manipulation of neuronal activity in freely behaving rodents.

Selected publications

Demixing fluorescence time traces transmitted by multimode fibers
C Vaz Rimoli, C Moretti, F Soldevila, E Brémont, C Ventalon, S Gigan
2023, arXiv: 2306.00695

Fast wavefront shaping for two-photon brain imaging with large field of view correction
Baptiste Blochet, Walther Akemann, Sylvain Gigan, Laurent Bourdieu.
2023, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120 (51), e2305593120
bioRxiv: 2021.09.06.459064

Emergence of time persistence in a data-driven neural network model
S Wolf, G Le Goc, G Debrégeas, S Cocco, R Monasson
2023, Elife 12, e79541
bioRxiv: 2022.02.02.478841

Scattering correcting wavefront shaping for three-photon microscopy
Bernhard Rauer, Hilton B. de Aguiar, Laurent Bourdieu, and Sylvain Gigan.
2022. Opt. Letters 47, 6233-6236 (hal-03707080)

Single-shot quantitative aberration and scattering length measurements in mouse brain tissues using an extended-source Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor
Sophia Imperato, Fabrice Harms, Antoine Hubert, Mathias Mercier, Laurent Bourdieu, Alexandra Fragola. Opt Express. 2022 Apr 25;30(9):15250-15265. doi: 10.1364/OE.456651. PMID: 35473251 (hal-03608265)

Fast optical recording of neuronal activity by three-dimensional custom-access serial holography
Walther Akemann, Sébastien Wolf, Vincent Villette, Benjamin Mathieu, Astou Tangara, Jozsua Fodor, Cathie Ventalon, Jean-François Léger, Stéphane Dieudonné, Laurent Bourdieu, 2022, Nat. Methods 19: 100-110 (hal-03606564)

Enhanced stability of the focus obtained by wavefront optimization in dynamical scattering media
Baptiste Blochet, Kelly Joaquina, Lisa Blum, Laurent Bourdieu, Sylvain Gigan, 2019 , Optica 6:1554-1561 (hal-02400519v2)

Fast confocal fluorescence imaging in freely behaving mice
Clara Dussaux, Vivien Szabo, Yan Chastagnier, Jozsua Fodor, Jean-François Léger, Laurent Bourdieu, Julie Perroy, Cathie Ventalon, 2018 , Scientific Reports 8, Article number: 16262 (hal-02359828v1)

Focusing ligth through dynamical samples using fast continuous wavefront optimization
B. Blochet, L. Bourdieu, S. Gigan, Optics Letters, 2017, 42:4994-4997 (hal-01797884v1)

A radial map of multi-whisker correlation selectivity in the rat barrel cortex
L. Estebanez, J. Bertherat, D. E. Shulz, L. Bourdieu, J.-F. Léger
Nat Commun. 2016;7:13528. doi: 10.1038/ncomms13528 (hal-01403564v1)

Fast spatial beam shaping by acousto-optic diffraction for 3D non-linear microscopy.
W. Akemann, J.-F. Léger, C. Ventalon, B. Mathieu, S. Dieudonné, L. Bourdieu
Opt. Exp. 2015(22); 23:28191-28205 ([hal-03619874>])

Characterization of the angular memory effect of scattered light in biological tissues.
S. Schott, J. Bertolotti, J.F. Léger, L. Bourdieu, S. Gigan,
Opt. Exp. 2015(10); 23:13505-13516 (hal-01275498v11)

Spatially Selective Holographic Photoactivation and Functional Fluorescence Imaging in Freely Behaving Mice with a Fiberscope.
V. Szabo*, C. Ventalon*, V. De Sars, J. Bradley, V. Emiliani,
Neuron. 2014; 84(6):1157–1169 (hal-03619933v1)

Late emergence of the vibrissa direction selectivity map in the rat barrel cortex.
Kremer Y, Léger JF, Goodman D, Brette R, Bourdieu L.
J Neurosci. 2011; 31(29):10689-700 (hal-03619888)

Direction selectivity map in the rat barrel cortex
Direction selectivity map in the rat barrel cortex
Fast optical recording of neuronal activity by three-dimensional (...)
Fast optical recording of neuronal activity by three-dimensional custom-access serial holography