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Aurélie Gresset

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2010 - : Postdoc in Patrick Charnay’s lab.
2005 – 2010 : Ph.D in Pharmacology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA in Dr. John Sondek laboratory elucidating the molecular mechanisms of phospholipase C-gamma activation
2002 – 2005 : Bachelor of science in biochemistry, Clemson University, South-Carolina, USA

Research topics

Role of Krox20 in cellular segregation between the central nervous system and the peripheric nervous system.


Aurélie Gresset, Stephanie N. Hicks, T. Kendall Harden, and John Sondek. Mechanism of phosphorylation-induced activation of phospholipase C-γ isozymes. J Biol Chem, 2010, Nov 12 ;285(46):35836-47.
Sabrice Guerrier, Jaeda Coutinho-Budd, Takayuki Sassa, Aurélie Gresset, Nicole Vincent Jordan, Adam Frost, and Franck Polleux. srGAP2 regulates neuronal migration and morphogenesis through the ability of its F-BAR domain to induce membrane protrusions. Cell, 2009, Sep 4 ;138(5):990-1004.