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Senior Scientist
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1978-82 : Master of biochemistry, University Paris VI
1982-89 : Laboratoire des virus oncogènes, IRSC, Villejuif, director : Michel Perricaudet
1985 : Thesis : The adenovirus type 2 E4 gene : Structure and trancriptional regulation of mRNA
1986 : Permanent position in CNRS
1989 : PhD, Paris VI university : Regulation of the transcription of adenovirus type 2 E4 gene
1990- : Laboratoire de biologie moléculaire du développement, ENS, Paris, director : Patrick Charnay, Nervous system development
2002 : Directrice de recherche CNRS

Research topics

Hindbrain pattern formation
Krox20 structure-function analysis and search for novel co-factors and target genes
Generation and study of a mouse line carrying a point mutation in the Krox20 gene preventing the interaction of the protein with the Nab proteins to investigate CNS development and PNS myelination, since the mutation has been found in human patients suffering from peripheral myelinopathies.

Recent publications

GIUDICELLI, F., TAILLEBOURG, E., CHARNAY, P. and GILARDI-HEBENSTREIT,P. (2001) : Krox-20 patterns the hindbrain through both cell-autonomous and non cell-autonomous mechanism. Genes and Development, 15, 567-580.
MANZANARES, M., NARDELLI, J., GILARDI-HEBENSTREIT, P., MARSHALL, H., MARTINEZ-PASTOR, M.T., KRUMLAUF, R. and CHARNAY, P. (2002) Krox20 and kreisler co-operate in the transcriptional control of segmental expression of hoxb3 in the developing hindbrain. EMBO J. 21, 365-376.
GIUDICELLI F, GILARDI-HEBENSTREIT P, MECHTA-GRIGORIOU F, POQUET C, CHARNAY P. (2003) Novel activities of mafb underlie its dual role in hindbrain segmentation and regional specification. Dev Biol. 2003 Jan 1 ;253(1):150-62.
GHISLAIN, J., DESMARQUET-TRIN-DINH, C., GILARDI-HEBENSTREIT, P., CHARNAY, P. and FRAIN, M. (2003) Neural crest patterning : autoregulatory and crest-specific elements co-operate for Krox20 transcriptional control. Development Mar ;130(5):941-53.
GARCIA-DOMINGUEZ M.*, GILARDI-HEBENSTREIT P*. AND CHARNAY P. PIASxß acts as an activator of Hoxb1 and is antagonized by Krox20 during hindbrain segmentation. (2006) EMBO J., Jun 7 ;25(11):2432-42.
*These authors equally contributed to this work

POUILHE M, GILARDI-HEBENSTREIT P, DESMARQUET-TRIN-DINH C and CHARNAY P. Direct regulation of vHnf1 by retinoic acid signaling and MAF-related factors in the neural tube. (2007). Dev Biol. Sep 15 ;309(2):344-357
DESMAZIERES A, DECKER L, VALLAT JM, CHARNAY P, GILARDI-HEBENSTREIT P. (2008) Disruption of Krox20-Nab interaction in the mouse leads to peripheral neuropathy with biphasic evolution. J Neurosci. Jun 4 ;28(23):5891-900