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Theory of the asynchronous state of structured rotator networks and its application to recurrent networks of excitatory and inhibitory units.
Ranft J, Lindner B
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Wavelet clustering analysis as a tool for characterizing community structure in the human microbiome.
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Y-complex nucleoporins independently contribute to nuclear pore assembly and gene regulation in neuronal progenitors.
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Prox2 and Runx3 vagal sensory neurons regulate esophageal motility.
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Protein Biomarkers of New-Onset Heart Failure : Insights From the Heart Omics and Ageing Cohort, the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study, and the Framingham Heart Study.
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The ClaDS rate-heterogeneous birth-death prior for full phylogenetic inference in BEAST2.
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The build-up of the present-day tropical diversity of tetrapods.
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Dynamics of gene loss following ancient whole-genome duplication in the cryptic Paramecium complex.
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The MIR34B/C genomic region contains multiple potential regulators of multiciliogenesis.
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Boundary vector cells in the goldfish central telencephalon encode spatial information.
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Regulation of cold-inducible RNA-binding protein (CIRBP) in response to cellular stresses.
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Multifaceted microglia during brain development : Models and tools.
Bridlance C, Thion MS
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High Growth Rate of Diatoms Explained by Reduced Carbon Requirement and Low Energy Cost of Silica Deposition.
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Interpreting the pervasive observation of U-shaped Site Frequency Spectra.
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Spectral EEG correlations from the different phases of general anesthesia.
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Filopodia-like protrusions of adjacent somatic cells shape the developmental potential of oocytes.
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The cerebellum regulates fear extinction through thalamo-prefrontal cortex interactions in male mice.
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At the crossroads of epidemiology and biology : Bridging the gap between SARS-CoV-2 viral strain properties and epidemic wave characteristics.
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Direct whole-cell patch-clamp recordings from small boutons in rodent primary neocortical neuron cultures.
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Beta oscillations and waves in motor cortex can be accounted for by the interplay of spatially structured connectivity and fluctuating inputs.
Kang L, Ranft J, Hakim V
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Light-dependent signal transduction in the marine diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum.
Agarwal A, Levitan O, Cruz de Carvalho H, Falkowski PG
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The model diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum provides insights into the diversity and function of microeukaryotic DNA methyltransferases.
Hoguin A, Yang F, Groisillier A, Bowler C, Genovesio A, Ait‑Mohamed O, Vieira FRJ, Tirichine L
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Evolution is not Uniform Along Coding Sequences.
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Horizontal Gene Transfer and Fusion Spread Carotenogenesis Among Diverse Heterotrophic Protists.
Rius M, Rest JS, Filloramo GV, Novák Vanclová AMG, Archibald JM, Collier JL
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Interactive nanocluster compaction of the ELKS scaffold and Cacophony Ca(2+) channels drives sustained active zone potentiation.
Ghelani T, Escher M, Thomas U, Esch K, Lützkendorf J, Depner H, Maglione M, Parutto P, Gratz S, Matkovic‑Rachid T, Ryglewski S, Walter AM, Holcman D, O’Connor Giles K, Heine M, Sigrist SJ
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Characterization of a Marine Diatom Chitin Synthase Using a Combination of Meta-Omics, Genomics, and Heterologous Expression Approaches.
Shao Z, Ampomah O, Vieira FRJ, Dorrell RG, Li S, Tirichine L, Bulone V, Duan D, Bowler C
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Single-cytosine methylation at W-boxes repels binding of WRKY transcription factors through steric hindrance.
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Differential expression patterns of long noncoding RNAs in a pleiomorphic diatom and relation to hyposalinity.
Debit A, Charton F, Pierre‑Elies P, Bowler C, Cruz de Carvalho H
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Genome structures resolve the early diversification of teleost fishes.
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PlantACT ! - how to tackle the climate crisis.
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High-throughput droplet-based analysis of influenza A virus genetic reassortment by single-virus RNA sequencing.
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Bottlenecks can constrain and channel evolutionary paths.
Gamblin J, Gandon S, Blanquart F, Lambert A
Genetics. 2023 Feb 2.

Author Correction : Astroblastomas exhibit radial glia stem cell lineages and differential expression of imprinted and X-inactivation escape genes.
Lehman NL, Spassky N, Sak M, Webb A, Zumbar CT, Usubalieva A, Alkhateeb KJ, McElroy JP, Maclean KH, Fadda P, Liu T, Gangalapudi V, Carver J, Abdullaev Z, Timmers C, Parker JR, Pierson CR, Mobley BC, Gokden M, Hattab EM, Parrett T, Cooke RX, Lehman TD, Costinean S, Parwani A, Williams BJ, Jensen RL, Aldape K, Mistry AM
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SCORPiOs, a Novel Method to Reconstruct Gene Phylogenies in the Context of a Known WGD Event.
Parey E, Roest Crollius H, Berthelot C
Methods Mol Biol. 2023. 2545:155-173.

Towards evolutionary predictions : Current promises and challenges.
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Plastic responses lead to increased neurotoxin production in the diatom Pseudo-nitzschia under ocean warming and acidification.
Xu D, Zheng G, Brennan G, Wang Z, Jiang T, Sun K, Fan X, Bowler C, Zhang X, Zhang Y, Wang W, Wang Y, Li Y, Wu H, Li Y, Fu FX, Hutchins DA, Tan Z, Ye N
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Genome-wide measurement of DNA replication fork directionality and quantification of DNA replication initiation and termination with Okazaki fragment sequencing.
Wu X, Liu Y, d’Aubenton‑Carafa Y, Thermes C, Hyrien O, Chen CL, Petryk N
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Data-driven multiscale dynamical framework to control a pandemic evolution with non-pharmaceutical interventions.
Reingruber J, Papale A, Ruckly S, Timsit JF, Holcman D
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Reconstruction of hundreds of reference ancestral genomes across the eukaryotic kingdom.
Muffato M, Louis A, Nguyen NTT, Lucas J, Berthelot C, Roest Crollius H
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Annexin A1 is a polarity cue that directs mitotic spindle orientation during mammalian epithelial morphogenesis.
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Exclusion of m6A from splice-site proximal regions by the exon junction complex dictates m6A topologies and mRNA stability.
Uzonyi A, Dierks D, Nir R, Kwon OS, Toth U, Barbosa I, Burel C, Brandis A, Rossmanith W, Le Hir H, Slobodin B, Schwartz S
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Variation in mutational (co)variances.
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Convergent evolution and horizontal gene transfer in Arctic Ocean microalgae.
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Microglial TNFα orchestrates protein phosphorylation in the cortex during the sleep period and controls homeostatic sleep.
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In mice and humans, brain microvascular contractility matures postnatally.
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Quantifying postsynaptic receptor dynamics : insights into synaptic function.
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KCa1.1 channels contribute to optogenetically driven post-stimulation silencing in cerebellar molecular layer interneurons.
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Fungal microbiomes associated with Lycopodiaceae during ecological succession.
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A robust approach to estimate relative phytoplankton cell abundances from metagenomes.
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