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Dernières publications

Maynard S, Rostaing P, Schaefer N, Gemin O, Candat A, Dumoulin A, Villmann C, Triller A, Specht CG.
Identification of a stereotypic molecular arrangement of endogenous glycine receptors at spinal cord synapses.
Elife. 2021 Dec 8 ;10 : e74441. Online ahead of print.

Gemin O, Serna P, Zamith J, Assendorp N, Fossati M, Rostaing P, Triller A, Charrier C.
Unique properties of dually innervated dendritic spines in pyramidal neurons of the somatosensory cortex uncovered by 3D correlative light and electron microscopy.
PLoS Biol. 2021 Aug 24 ;19(8) : e3001375

Mercey O, Levine MS, LoMastro GM, Rostaing P, Brotslaw E, Gomez V, Kumar A, Spassky N, Mitchell BJ, Meunier A, Holland AJ.
Massive centriole production can occur in the absence of deuterosomes in multiciliated cells.
Nat Cell Biol. 2019 Dec ;21(12):1544-1552

Mercey O, Al Jord A, Rostaing P, Mahuzier A, Fortoul A, Boudjema AR, Faucourt M, Spassky N, Meunier A.
Dynamics of centriole amplification in centrosome-depleted brain multiciliated progenitors.
Sci Rep. 2019 Sep 10 ;9(1):13060

Al Jord A, Shihavuddin A, Servignat d’Aout R, Faucourt M, Genovesio A, Karaiskou A, Sobczak-Thépot J, Spassky N, Meunier A.
Calibrated mitotic oscillator drives motile ciliogenesis.
Science. 2017 Nov 10 ;358(6364):803-806

Tanaka A, De Martino A, Amato A, Montsant A, Mathieu B, Rostaing P, Tirichine L, Bowler C.
Ultrastructure and Membrane Traffic During Cell Division in the Marine Pennate Diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum.
Protist. 2015 Nov ;166(5):506-21