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Bertrand Theulot

Position Post-doctorant
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I joined O. Hyrien’s group in 2018, first as a trainee, then as a PhD candidate after obtaining my master’s degree in genetics at Paris 7 university (now Paris university). My main focus during my thesis was to develop innovative approaches to characterize variables dictating DNA replication dynamics, namely localization, speed and timing, using nanopore sequencing. This development was achieved in the well known yeast S. cerevisiae, a classical model organism in the DNA replication community.

Through the advantages that nanopore sequencing offers, respectively long reads and thymidine analogs detection, I first participated in the development of FORK-seq, a method to detect and orientate replication forks at the single molecule level, allowing to generate replication fork directionality profiles by aggregating individual fork orientation and to detect dispersed initiation events missed by existing populations methods (Hennion et al. 2020). During my thesis, I refined this method by creating new strains and testing new tools to additionally measure individual replication fork speed, a method named NanoForkSpeed, to generate the first ever map of replication fork speed of a eukaryotic genome based on single measurements (Theulot et al. 2022). In parallel I have developed Nanotiming, a new method to obtain replication timing profiles with greater simplicity and quickness, but comparable robustness compared to currents methods (in preparation). Those results granted me the title of Doctor of Sorbonne University in September 2022.


2018-2022 : PhD in genetics, Sorbonne University, Paris, France
2016 – 2018 : Master degree in genetics, Magistère Européen de Génétique,
Paris Diderot University, Paris, France
2013 – 2016 : Bachelor degree in Biology, Versailles Saint
Quentin University, Versailles, France


Genome-wide mapping of individual replication fork velocities using nanopore sequencing - Nature communications
Bertrand Theulot*, Laurent Lacroix*, Jean-Michel Arbona, Gael A Millot, Etienne Jean, Corinne Cruaud, Jade Pellet, Florence Proux, Magali Hennion, Stefan Engelen, Arnaud Lemainque, Benjamin Audit, Olivier Hyrien, Benoît Le Tallec
*joint first authors

FORK-seq : Single-Molecule Profiling of DNA Replication - Methods in molecular biology
Magali Hennion, Bertrand Theulot, Jean-Michel Arbona, Benjamin Audit, Olivier Hyrien

FORK-seq : replication landscape of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae genome by nanopore sequencing - Genome Biology
Magali Hennion, Jean-Michel Arbona, Laurent Lacroix, Corinne Cruaud, Bertrand Theulot, Benoît Le Tallec, FlorenceProux, Xia Wu, Elizaveta Novikova, Stefan Engelen, Arnaud Lemainque, Benjamin Audit, Olivier Hyrien

Unraveling ancestry, kinship, and violence in a Late Neolithic mass grave - PNAS
Hannes Schroeder*, Ashot Margaryan*, Marzena Szmyt, Bertrand Theulot, Piotr Włodarczak, Simon Rasmussen, ShyamGopalakrishnan, Anita Szczepanek, Tomasz Konopka, Theis Z T Jensen, Barbara Witkowska, Stanisław Wilk, Marcin MPrzybyła, Łukasz Pospieszny, Karl-Göran Sjögren, Zdzislaw Belka, Jesper Olsen, Kristian Kristiansen, EskeWillerslev, Karin M Frei, Martin Sikora, Niels N Johannsen , Morten E Allentoft *joint first authors