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Lucie Zinger

I’m Associate Professor at École Normale Supérieure, Université Paris Sciences & Lettres since Sept 2016, where I organise and teach courses in ecology, environmental genomics and now statistics to License 3 and Master 1 students. My research activities fall at the interface between community ecology and macroecology, microbial ecology, molecular biology, and bioinformatics. My objectives are two-fold: (i) to improve methodological frameworks for environmental DNA-based techniques in order to (ii) better understand the ecological processes shaping microbial and invertebrates communities and how these respond to global changes.

More information are available on my website

Selected publications

1. Bestion, E., Jacob, S., Zinger, L., Di Gesu, L., Richard, M., White, J., & Cote, J. (2017). Climate warming reduces gut microbiota diversity in a vertebrate ectotherm. Nature Ecology Evolution , 1(6), 161.

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