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Computer programs developed by Stéphane Legendre

Population dynamics

The computer program ULM (Legendre & Clobert 1995, Ferrière & al 1996) is widely used by ecologists to simulate population dynamics.
The ULM program can be downloaded here.

Evolutionary dynamics

The ZEN computer program allows to study ecological models in an evolutionary perspective. The project was funded by an Action Incitative Bioinformatique from the CNRS.
The ZEN program can be downloaded here.

Ecological networks

Development of computer programs to study ecological networks using the methods of graph theory.

Trophic networks (food webs ; Lazzaro & al 2009, Gauzens & al 2013, Gauzens & al 2015). The n_w program, can be downloaded here.

Bipartite ecological networks (plant-pollinator, site-species, host-parasite, male-female, …). The a2b program can be downloaded here.

Population extinction

The program DAY for individual-based simulation of population extinction can be downloaded here.