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Chloé Connan

I am interested in fully understanding the relations that exist between bacteria and host and more specifically with the gut. In the BIRD team I was working on the modification of the genetic expression of host cell during an infection with Listeria monocytogenes from March 2015 to June 2017.

2013 PhD in Microbiology, Faculty of Pharmacy (Chatenay, Malabry)
2010 Animal testing level II C.F.P.P.A (Vendôme Areines)
2010 Master 2 in Microbiology, Paris 7 University (Paris), Cours Pasteur
2009 Master 1 in Microbial Ecology, Lyon 1 University La Doua (Lyon 1)
2008 Bachelor’s degree of Cellular Biology Aix-Marseille II University (Marseille)
Professional experience
March 2015 – June 2017 : Post doctoral position (IBENS, Group A. Lebreton)

“Study of cellular mRNA fate during an infection with Listeria monocytogenes

  • Optimization of a L. monocytogenes infection model
  • Development of a technique to image newly transcribed RNA at the single cell level (Click chemistry)
  • Sample preparation of nascent RNA for RNAseq (NGS)

Other activities : organization of the Forum Biotechno (2016)

Nov 2013 – Feb 2015 : Post doctoral position (Institut Pasteur, Group M. Popoff)

“Characterization of Botulinum toxin entry into intestinal barrier”

  • In vivo identification of epithelial and neuronal targets
  • In vitro characterization of endocytotic pathway

Other activities : organization of the Forum Biotechno (2015)

Nov 2010 – Oct 2013 : PhD student (Institut Pasteur, Group M. Popoff)

“Study of the toxinogenesis and the entry of botulinum toxin into neuronal and intestinal cells”

  • In vitro characterization of botulinum toxin entry into neuronal and intestinal cells using imaging and biochemistry techniques
  • Identification of the receptors for botulinum toxin entry
  • Identification by mutagenesis of two-component systems involved in the regulation of toxin synthesis in C. botulinum

Other activities : organization of YRLS congress (2012) ; Treasurer of Young Researchers association (3 years) ; PhD student representative, Imaging stand holding, Pasteurdon (2 years)

2009 (3 months) : Research internship (CNRS, Lyon 1 La Doua)

“Management of Frankia sep. Collection living in symbiosis with actinorhizial plants”

2008 (2 months) : Research internship (CNRS, Marseille Joseph Aiguier)

“Identification of the protein supercomplex involved in the iron respiratory chain in A. ferooxidans