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IRF5 governs liver macrophage activation that promotes hepatic fibrosis in mice and humans.
Alzaid F, Lagadec F, Albuquerque M, Ballaire R, Orliaguet L, Hainault I, Blugeon C, Lemoine S, Lehuen A, Saliba DG, Udalova IA, Paradis V, Foufelle F, Venteclef N
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A Large Collection of Novel Nematode-Infecting Microsporidia and Their Diverse Interactions with Caenorhabditis elegans and Other Related Nematodes.
Zhang G, Sachse M, Prevost MC, Luallen RJ, Troemel ER, Félix MA
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Structure in the variability of the basic reproductive number (R0) for Zika epidemics in the Pacific islands.
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1926-2016 : 90 Years of listeriology.
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Extreme Diversity of Diplonemid Eukaryotes in the Ocean.
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A radial map of multi-whisker correlation selectivity in the rat barrel cortex.
Estebanez L, Bertherat J, Shulz DE, Bourdieu L, Léger JF
Nat Commun. 2016 Nov 21. 7:13528.

Splicing repression allows the gradual emergence of new Alu-exons in primate evolution.
Attig J, Ruiz de Los Mozos I, Haberman N, Wang Z, Emmett W, Zarnack K, König J, Ule J
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The sacral autonomic outflow is sympathetic.
Espinosa‑Medina I, Saha O, Boismoreau F, Chettouh Z, Rossi F, Richardson WD, Brunet JF
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Solution structure of the 5’-terminal hairpin of the 7SK small nuclear RNA.
Bourbigot S, Dock‑Bregeon AC, Eberling P, Coutant J, Kieffer B, Lebars I
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Actin Is Crucial for All Kinetically Distinguishable Forms of Endocytosis at Synapses.
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Live Monitoring of Blastemal Cell Contributions during Appendage Regeneration.
Tornini VA, Puliafito A, Slota LA, Thompson JD, Nachtrab G, Kaushik AL, Kapsimali M, Primo L, Di Talia S, Poss KD
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The effects of archipelago spatial structure on island diversity and endemism : predictions from a spatially-structured neutral model.
Gascuel F, Laroche F, Bonnet‑Lebrun AS, Rodrigues AS
Evolution. 2016 Nov. 70(11):2657-2666.

An evolutionary conserved Hexim1 peptide binds to the Cdk9 catalytic site to inhibit P-TEFb.
Kobbi L, Demey‑Thomas E, Braye F, Proux F, Kolesnikova O, Vinh J, Poterszman A, Bensaude O
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016 Oct 25.

Backtracked and paused transcription initiation intermediate of Escherichia coli RNA polymerase.
Lerner E, Chung S, Allen BL, Wang S, Lee J, Lu SW, Grimaud LW, Ingargiola A, Michalet X, Alhadid Y, Borukhov S, Strick TR, Taatjes DJ, Weiss S
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Sub-synaptic, multiplexed analysis of proteins reveals Fragile X related protein 2 is mislocalized in Fmr1 KO synapses.
Wang GX, Smith SJ, Mourrain P
Elife. 2016 Oct 22. 5.

Wireless inertial measurement of head kinematics in freely-moving rats.
Pasquet MO, Tihy M, Gourgeon A, Pompili MN, Godsil BP, Léna C, Dugué GP
Sci Rep. 2016 Oct 21. 6:35689.

Mechanisms and functional roles of glutamatergic synapse diversity in a cerebellar circuit.
Zampini V, Liu JK, Diana MA, Maldonado PP, Brunel N, Dieudonné S
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Sustained Rhythmic Brain Activity Underlies Visual Motion Perception in Zebrafish.
Pérez‑Schuster V, Kulkarni A, Nouvian M, Romano SA, Lygdas K, Jouary A, Dipoppa M, Pietri T, Haudrechy M, Candat V, Boulanger‑Weill J, Hakim V, Sumbre G
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Reallocation of Olfactory Cajal-Retzius Cells Shapes Neocortex Architecture.
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Single-molecule, antibody-free fluorescent visualisation of replication tracts along barcoded DNA molecules.
De Carli F, Gaggioli V, Millot GA, Hyrien O
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Plant Transgenerational Epigenetics.
Quadrana L, Colot V
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Into the Andes : multiple independent colonizations drive montane diversity in the Neotropical clearwing butterflies Godyridina.
Chazot N, Willmott KR, Condamine FL, De‑Silva DL, Freitas AV, Lamas G, Morlon H, Giraldo CE, Jiggins CD, Joron M, Mallet J, Uribe S, Elias M
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Allosteric regulation in NMDA receptors revealed by the genetically encoded photo-cross-linkers.
Tian M, Ye S
Sci Rep. 2016 Oct 7. 6:34751.

Full-field interferometry for counting and differentiating aquatic biotic nanoparticles : from laboratory to Tara Oceans.
Boccara M, Fedala Y, Bryan CV, Bailly‑Bechet M, Bowler C, Boccara AC
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A 2D virtual reality system for visual goal-driven navigation in zebrafish larvae.
Jouary A, Haudrechy M, Candelier R, Sumbre G
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Ecogenomics and potential biogeochemical impacts of globally abundant ocean viruses.
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Transcriptional Regulation of Arabidopsis Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 Coordinates Cell-Type Proliferation and Differentiation.
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How MCM loading and spreading specify eukaryotic DNA replication initiation sites.
Hyrien O
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Early-life sexual segregation : ontogeny of isotopic niche differentiation in the Antarctic fur seal.
Kernaléguen L, Arnould JP, Guinet C, Cazelles B, Richard P, Cherel Y
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Formal derivation of qualitative dynamical models from biochemical networks.
Abou‑Jaoudé W, Thieffry D, Feret J
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Au-delà du cerveau - La huntingtine dans les cancers du sein.
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Biased Allostery.
Edelstein SJ, Changeux JP
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Qualitative Dynamical Modelling Can Formally Explain Mesoderm Specification and Predict Novel Developmental Phenotypes.
Mbodj A, Gustafson EH, Ciglar L, Junion G, Gonzalez A, Girardot C, Perrin L, Furlong EE, Thieffry D
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Evolution of New cis-Regulatory Motifs Required for Cell-Specific Gene Expression in Caenorhabditis.
Barkoulas M, Vargas Velazquez AM, Peluffo AE, Félix MA
PLoS Genet. 2016 Sep. 12(9):e1006278.

Logical model specification aided by model-checking techniques : application to the mammalian cell cycle regulation.
Traynard P, Fauré A, Fages F, Thieffry D
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Sequences flanking the core-binding site modulate glucocorticoid receptor structure and activity.
Schöne S, Jurk M, Helabad MB, Dror I, Lebars I, Kieffer B, Imhof P, Rohs R, Vingron M, Thomas‑Chollier M, Meijsing SH
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Multiciliated Cells in Animals.
Meunier A, Azimzadeh J
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DNA DAMAGE BINDING PROTEIN 2 (DDB2) Shapes the DNA Methylation Landscape.
Schalk C, Drevensek S, Kramdi A, Kassam M, Ahmed I, Cognat V, Graindorge S, Bergdoll M, Baumberger N, Heintz D, Bowler C, Genschik P, Barneche F, Colot V, Molinier J
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Emerging concepts in chromatin-level regulation of plant cell differentiation : timing, counting, sensing and maintaining.
Morao AK, Bouyer D, Roudier F
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Complex heterochrony underlies the evolution of Caenorhabditis elegans hermaphrodite sex allocation.
Poullet N, Vielle A, Gimond C, Carvalho S, Teotónio H, Braendle C
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Phospho-dependent Accumulation of GABABRs at Presynaptic Terminals after NMDAR Activation.
Hannan S, Gerrow K, Triller A, Smart TG
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DNA Methylation and Demethylation in Plant Immunity.
Deleris A, Halter T, Navarro L
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A single-molecule view of transcription reveals convoys of RNA polymerases and multi-scale bursting.
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Deciphering and modifying LAFL transcriptional regulatory network in seed for improving yield and quality of storage compounds.
Fatihi A, Boulard C, Bouyer D, Baud S, Dubreucq B, Lepiniec L
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The Genetic Basis of Natural Variation in Caenorhabditis elegans Telomere Length.
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Regulation of mitotic spindle orientation : an integrated view.
di Pietro F, Echard A, Morin X
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Molecular signatures of neural connectivity in the olfactory cortex.
Diodato A, Ruinart de Brimont M, Yim YS, Derian N, Perrin S, Pouch J, Klatzmann D, Garel S, Choi GB, Fleischmann A
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SRGAP2 and Its Human-Specific Paralog Co-Regulate the Development of Excitatory and Inhibitory Synapses.
Fossati M, Pizzarelli R, Schmidt ER, Kupferman JV, Stroebel D, Polleux F, Charrier C
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PhytoCRISP-Ex : a web-based and stand-alone application to find specific target sequences for CRISPR/CAS editing.
Rastogi A, Murik O, Bowler C, Tirichine L
BMC Bioinformatics. 2016 Jul 1. 17(1):261.

Discovery of a Natural Microsporidian Pathogen with a Broad Tissue Tropism in Caenorhabditis elegans.
Luallen RJ, Reinke AW, Tong L, Botts MR, Félix MA, Troemel ER
PLoS Pathog. 2016 Jun. 12(6):e1005724.

Cyanobacterial ultrastructure in light of genomic sequence data.
Gonzalez‑Esquer CR, Smarda J, Rippka R, Axen SD, Guglielmi G, Gugger M, Kerfeld CA
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Surface water areas significantly impacted 2014 dengue outbreaks in Guangzhou, China.
Tian H, Huang S, Zhou S, Bi P, Yang Z, Li X, Chen L, Cazelles B, Yang J, Luo L, Jing Q, Yuan W, Pei Y, Sun Z, Yue T, Kwan MP, Liu Q, Wang M, Tong S, Brownstein JS, Xu B
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Counting numbers of synaptic proteins : absolute quantification and single molecule imaging techniques.
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Caenorhabditis elegans responses to bacteria from its natural habitats.
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Logical Modeling and Dynamical Analysis of Cellular Networks.
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Anchor cell signaling and vulval precursor cell positioning establish a reproducible spatial context during C. elegans vulval induction.
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Altered zinc sensitivity of NMDA receptors harboring clinically-relevant mutations.
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The Arabidopsis thaliana mobilome and its impact at the species level.
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A Network of Paralogous Stress Response Transcription Factors in the Human Pathogen Candida glabrata.
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Estimating planktonic diversity through spatial dominance patterns in a model ocean.
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Analyzing In Vivo Cell Migration using Cell Transplantations and Time-lapse Imaging in Zebrafish Embryos.
Giger FA, Dumortier JG, David NB
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The native microbiome of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans : gateway to a new host-microbiome model.
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Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) controls axon pathfinding during zebrafish development.
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Histone Chaperone SSRP1 is Essential for Wnt Signaling Pathway Activity During Osteoblast Differentiation.
Hossan T, Nagarajan S, Baumgart SJ, Xie W, Magallanes RT, Hernandez C, Chiaroni PM, Indenbirken D, Spitzner M, Thomas‑Chollier M, Grade M, Thieffry D, Grundhoff A, Wegwitz F, Johnsen SA
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Ostreococcus tauri is a new model green alga for studying iron metabolism in eukaryotic phytoplankton.
Lelandais G, Scheiber I, Paz‑Yepes J, Lozano JC, Botebol H, Pilátová J, Žárský V, Léger T, Blaiseau PL, Bowler C, Bouget FY, Camadro JM, Sutak R, Lesuisse E
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Coopération entre mutation somatique et variant génétique de susceptibilité dans le sarcome d’Ewing.
Grünewald TG, Gilardi‑Hebenstreit P, Charnay P, Delattre O
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Diversity in cell motility reveals the dynamic nature of the formation of zebrafish taste sensory organs.
Soulika M, Kaushik AL, Mathieu B, Lourenço R, Komisarczuk AZ, Romano SA, Jouary A, Lardennois A, Tissot N, Okada S, Abe K, Becker TS, Kapsimali M
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Detection and tracking of overlapping cell nuclei for large scale mitosis analyses.
Li Y, Rose F, di Pietro F, Morin X, Genovesio A
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CDK1 Prevents Unscheduled PLK4-STIL Complex Assembly in Centriole Biogenesis.
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Burst-Dependent Bidirectional Plasticity in the Cerebellum Is Driven by Presynaptic NMDA Receptors.
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Erratum to : Understanding Brassicaceae evolution through ancestral genome reconstruction.
Murat F, Louis A, Maumus F, Armero A, Cook R, Quesneville H, Roest Crollius H, Salse J
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Simple calibration of TIR field depth using the supercoiling response of DNA.
Duboc C, Graves ET, Strick TR
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Structural Fluctuations of the Chromatin Fiber within Topologically Associating Domains.
Tiana G, Amitai A, Pollex T, Piolot T, Holcman D, Heard E, Giorgetti L
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Identification and characterization of DNA sequences that prevent glucocorticoid receptor binding to nearby response elements.
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Cyanobacterial symbionts diverged in the late Cretaceous towards lineage-specific nitrogen fixation factories in single-celled phytoplankton.
Cornejo‑Castillo FM, Cabello AM, Salazar G, Sánchez‑Baracaldo P, Lima‑Mendez G, Hingamp P, Alberti A, Sunagawa S, Bork P, de Vargas C, Raes J, Bowler C, Wincker P, Zehr JP, Gasol JM, Massana R, Acinas SG
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C/EBPα creates elite cells for iPSC reprogramming by upregulating Klf4 and increasing the levels of Lsd1 and Brd4.
Di Stefano B, Collombet S, Jakobsen JS, Wierer M, Sardina JL, Lackner A, Stadhouders R, Segura‑Morales C, Francesconi M, Limone F, Mann M, Porse B, Thieffry D, Graf T
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Estimating the Effect of Competition on Trait Evolution Using Maximum Likelihood Inference.
Drury J, Clavel J, Manceau M, Morlon H
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Data in support of the identification of neuronal and astrocyte proteins interacting with extracellularly applied oligomeric and fibrillar α-synuclein assemblies by mass spectrometry.
Shrivastava AN, Redeker V, Fritz N, Pieri L, Almeida LG, Spolidoro M, Liebmann T, Bousset L, Renner M, Léna C, Aperia A, Melki R, Triller A
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Neurodegeneration, Neurogenesis, and Oxidative Stress 2015.
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Diatom Phytochromes Reveal the Existence of Far-Red-Light-Based Sensing in the Ocean.
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Deciphering DNA replication dynamics in eukaryotic cell populations in relation with their averaged chromatin conformations.
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Insights into global diatom distribution and diversity in the world’s ocean.
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Centriole continuity : out with the new, in with the old.
Meunier A, Spassky N
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Time-invariant feed-forward inhibition of Purkinje cells in the cerebellar cortex in vivo.
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A Novel Binding Mode Reveals Two Distinct Classes of NMDA Receptor GluN2B-selective Antagonists.
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Pathogens trigger top-down climate forcing on ecosystem dynamics.
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Adaptation to Temporally Fluctuating Environments by the Evolution of Maternal Effects.
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Metals and Neuronal Metal Binding Proteins Implicated in Alzheimer’s Disease.
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Positive Allosteric Modulators of GluN2A-Containing NMDARs with Distinct Modes of Action and Impacts on Circuit Function.
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Plankton networks driving carbon export in the oligotrophic ocean.
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A CURLY LEAF homologue controls both vegetative and reproductive development of tomato plants.
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Replication landscape of the human genome.
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