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If you are interested to join us, please contact Marie-Anne Felix (felix at

September 2022 :
A postdoctoral position is available to study the evolution of phenotypic evolutionary rates, using nematode vulva precursor cells as a model system, in collaboration with the laboratory of Christian Braendle in Nice, France.
See Delattre and Félix, 2001,
Braendle et al. 2010, Pénigault and Félix 2011,
Besnard, Picao Osorio et al. 2020 for background.
The funded project aims to understand the developmental basis for the difference in phenotypic evolutionary rates of vulva precursor cells in the Caenorhabditis versus Oscheius genera.

The team also has one-year funding to study natural variation in lipid metabolism in C. elegans, in collaboration with the laboratory of Varsha Singh at the Indian Institute of Sciences in Bangalore, India.

If you are interested by either project, please send a detailed CV, names and contact information of three references and a letter of motivation to Marie-Anne Felix (felix at