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Comprehensive mapping of exon junction complex binding sites reveals universal EJC deposition in Drosophila.
Morillo L, Paternina T, Alasseur Q, Genovesio A, Schwartz S, Le Hir H. (2023).
BMC Biology

Exclusion of m6A from splice-site proximal regions by the exon junction complex dictates m6A topologies and mRNA stability.
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Novel approaches to study helicases using magnetic tweezers
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Exon junction complex dependent mRNA localization is linked to centrosome organization during ciliogenesis
Kwon OS, Mishra R, Safieddine A, Coleno E, Alasseur Q, Faucourt M, Barbosa I, Bertrand E, Spassky N, Le Hir H (2021)
Nature Communications

NCBP3 positively impacts mRNA biogenesis
Dou Y, Barbosa I, Jiang H, Iasillo C, Molloy KR, Schulze WM, Cusack S, Schmid M, Le Hir H, LaCava J, Jensen TH (2020)
Nucleic Acids Research

A localization screen reveals translation factories and widespread co-translational protein targeting
Chouaib R, Saffieddine A, Pichon X, Kwon OS, Samacoits A, Traboulsi AM, Tsanov N, Robert MC, Poser I, Zimmer C, Hyman AA, Le Hir H, Walter T, Zibara K, Mueller F, Peter M, and Bertrand E (2020)
Develomental Cell

Structural and functional insights into CWC27/CWC22 heterodimer linking the exon junction complex to spliceosomes
Busetto V, Barbosa I, Basquin J, Marquenet É, Hocq R, Hennion M, Paternina JA, Namane A, Conti E, Bensaude O, Le Hir H (2020)
Nucleic Acids Research

ALFA : annotation landscape for aligned reads
Bahin M, Noël BF, Murigneux V, Bernard C, Bastianelli L, Le Hir H, Lebreton A, Genovesio A (2019)
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Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay involves two distinct Upf1-bound complexes
Dehecq M, Decourty L, Namane A, Proux C, Kanaan J, Le Hir H, Jacquier A, Saveanu C (2018)
EMBO Journal

Monitored eCLIP : high accuracy mapping of RNA-protein interactions
Hocq R, Paternina J, Alasseur Q, Genovesio A, Le Hir H (2018)
Nucleic Acids Research

UPF1-like helicase grip on nucleic acids dictates processivity
Kanaan J, Raj S, Decourty L, Saveanu C, Croquette V, Le Hir H (2018)
Nature Communications

Exon Junction Complexes can have distinct functional flavours to regulate specific splicing events
Wang Z, Ballut L, Barbosa I, Le Hir H (2018)
Scientific Reports

HTLV-1 Tax plugs and freezes UPF1 helicase leading to Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Decay inhibition
Fiorini F, Robin JP, Kanaan J, Borowiak M, Croquette V, Le Hir H, Jalinot P, Mocquet V. (2018)
Nature Communications.

A conserved structural element in the RNA helicase UPF1 regulates its catalytic activity in an isoform-specific manner
Gowravaram M, Bonneau F, Kanaan J, Maciej VD, Fiorini F, Raj S, Croquette V, Le Hir H, Chakrabarti S. (2018)
Nucleic Acids Research.

A mechanistic study of helicases with magnetic traps.
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Protein Science

Mutations in the Spliceosome Component CWC27 Cause Retinal Degeneration with or without Additional Developmental Anomalies.
Xu M, Xie YA, Abouzeid H, et al. (2017)
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Insights into the design and interpretation of iCLIP experiments.
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Human Upf1 is a highly processive RNA helicase and translocase with RNP remodelling activities.
Fiorini F, Bagchi D, Le Hir H*, Croquette V*. (2015)
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*Corresponding authors

CLIP-seq to discover transcriptome-wide imprinting of RNA binding proteins in living cells.
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Transcriptome-wide modulation of splicing by the Exon Junction Complex.
Wang Z, Murigneux V, Le Hir H. (2014)
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Crystal structure of the human eIF4AIII-CWC22 complex shows how a DEAD-box protein is inhibited by a MIF4G domain.
Buchwald G, Schüssler S, Basquin C, Le Hir H, Conti E. (2013)
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Transcriptome-wide identification of RNA binding sites by CLIP-seq.
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CLIP-seq of eIF4AIII reveals transcriptome-wide mapping of the human exon junction complex.
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Barbosa I, Haque N, Fiorini F, Barrandon C, Tomasetto C, Blanchette M, Le Hir H. (2012)
Nature structural & molecular biology

The human T-lymphotropic virus type 1 tax protein inhibits nonsense-mediated mRNA decay by interacting with INT6/EIF3E and UPF1.
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Perispeckles are major assembly sites for the exon junction core complex.
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Proteins associated with the exon junction complex also control the alternative splicing of apoptotic regulators.
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Nature structural & molecular biology

Expression of GFRalpha1 receptor splicing variants with different biochemical properties is modulated during kidney development.
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Cellular signalling

Association of the breast cancer protein MLN51 with the exon junction complex via its speckle localizer and RNA binding module.
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Genes & development

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Genes & development