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Data analysis software

SpAcAn is a collection of IGOR Pro functions for the detection and analysis of spontaneously occuring (non-triggered) events in electrophysiological recordings. It was designed in the team by Guillaume Dugué and Charly Rousseau and has been used in several papers since. SpAcAn was originally designed to facilitate the analysis of spontaneous synaptic activity in whole-cell recordings, but has also been used successfully to detect and analyze spikes or rapid changes in fluorescence. SpAcAn has been tested with IGOR Pro version 5 and later under windows Mac OS and linux with wine.

Functionalities include :

* An easy-to-use graphical user interface.

spacan1- SpAcAn Graphical User Interface

* Two-channel detection and analysis, with the possibility to compute easily correlograms and event-triggered averages.

spacan2 - SpAcAn Graphical User Interface

* A keyboard mode to browse through detected events and select them.

* The possibility to fit functions on the time course of individual events.

* A support for common plots.

* Paired recordings analysis by selection of synchronous events.

* Measure of the integral of events.

* Superimposition of detected events.

It is freely available and can be downloaded at :